Monday WOD

The months of being disingenuously friendly and the resulting self-hatred taught me that self-confidence cannot be based on the approval of others.~ Mark Twight

Preparation: 3 Rounds of:
2: Samson Stretches (One per leg, hold 15 seconds)
6: Lunges (3 Per leg.)
10: Arm Circles (5 forward, 5 backward. Increase circle diameter each round.)
10: Wring Out The Towel
10: Arm Scissors
10: Hugs
15: Squats

Storm: 4 Rounds For Time:
3o Second Plank Hold
25: Jumping Jacks
200 Meter Walk, Jog, or Run

Cool-down: 2 rounds of: 3 Side Lunge, 3 Knee-ups, 3 Heel-ups, 3 Spider Lunge, 20 Flutter Kicks


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