Thursday WOD

If 20 bucks or 60 minutes a day is what is preventing you from reaching your goals, get a new job or set an alarm clock. You have to make time for it. No goal was ever attained by just thinking about. No amount of dreaming gets your ass in shape.~ John Welbourn

Preparation: 3 Rounds of:
2: Samson Stretches (One per leg, hold 15 seconds)
6: Lunges (3 Per leg.)
10: Arm Circles (5 forward, 5 backward. Increase circle diameter each round.)
10: Wring Out The Towel
10: Arm Scissors
10: Hugs
15: Squats

Storm: 4 Rounds For Time:
400 Meter Walk, Jog, Run
25: Jumping Jacks
60 Second Plank Hold

Cool-down: 2 rounds of: 3 Side Lunge, 3 Knee-ups, 3 Heel-ups, 3 Spider Lunge,  30 Second Leg Lift Holds


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