Preparation: For Time: 3 Rounds of 10: Lunges, 10: Squats, 15: Jumping Jacks, 5: Squat Jumps. Then: AMRAP in 6 minutes of Turkish Get-up.

Storm: Part 1-For Time: 14-8-2 Thrusters and Pull-ups. Thrusters at 50#.  Part 2- For Time: 300 Kettlebell Swings (KBS) and Push-up Complex. Perform three rounds as follows 10: Kettlebell Swings (KBS), 1: push-up, 15: KBS, 2: push-ups, 25: KBS, 3: push-ups, 50: KBS. Use a kettlebell weight that you know you can swing 25-30 times unbroken. You can increase weight as we progress.

Skill/Chill: 4 rounds of 25: Abmat sit-ups and 1: 15-second Samson Stretch per leg. Practice Ring Dip progressions.

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  1. stellaguinness said:

    Warm-up completed in 3:24.
    Using a 15 pound kettle bell I completed 20 Turkish get ups.
    Using a 55 pound barbell I completed the first part of the work out in 4:53.
    Are used a 26 pound kettle bell, and completed the second part of the workout and 21:46.


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