Preparation: 1. Warm-up of your choice.
Focus : Back Squat: 8 x 90#; 7 x 100#; 5 x 120#
Power Clean: 2 rounds of max reps at 70# don’t go to failure, leave 1-2 reps in the tank. 45-60 seconds rest between rounds.
Push Press: Ladder up to 85# then max reps at 85#
Pull-ups: First perform as many (strict, butterfly, or kipping) pull-ups as you can. Rest 1 minute then 5-4-4-3-2 pull-ups.
Finisher: Row: set the damper on a C2 rower at 4-5. Row 3 rounds of 300 meters. (I would aim for 35 hard pulls to get you close to 300 meters) Rest 1 minute rest between rounds.

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