Preparation: 1. Warm-up of your choice.
Focus: Pull-ups: 1. Perform as many strict pull-ups as possible. Rest 1 minute. 2.  5-4-4-3-2 pull-ups.
Storm: 6 Rounds:
6: Medicine Ball Cleans
6:  Medicine Ball Squats
6: Supine Ring Rows
6: Kettlebell Push Press
6: Kettlebell Lunge (Front rack or arms at your side)
Finisher:  3 Rounds: Assault Bike Sprints: 30 second max effort, 1 minute light effort (Keep pedaling…)
  1. stellaguinness said:

    First of all, I am so glad to be commenting on this. This means, I was able to do the work out.
    Strict pull-ups, three
    The rest of the pull-ups I did kipping
    Workout: I finished in 10 minutes. Are used a 14 pound medicine ball, which I also used when doing lunges. For the push press it was a 25 pound kettle bell.
    The bike went well! The sprints on the bike or difficult, but awesome!
    Afterword, I continued working on pull-ups, and knees to elbows. As a little bit of extra work.
    I look forward to the next work out. I needed this!


  2. Hey nice work! Great to know you are back in the gym! If your back is up for kipping pull-ups, do those for your max rep round from now on too. Good job B!


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