Preparation: Warm-up of your choice…(note movements used and time in your comments)

Focus : Back Squat: Ladder to 140# then 1 round of max reps at 140#
Deadlift: (Snatch Grip) 135#x5-155#x5-175#x5
Push Press: 50 Push Presses at 75# for time.
Pull-ups: First perform as many pull-ups as you can. Rest 60 seconds. Then perform 6-5-5-4-3 pull-ups.

Finish: Row: set the damper on a C2 rower at 4-5. Then perform 3 rounds of 15 hard pulls followed by 1 minute of A. Plank B. Dead Bug C. Hollow Rock

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  1. stellaguinness said:

    10 squats max effort at 140 pounds.
    Push press: eight minutes 18 seconds at 75 pounds.
    Dead lift: went fine. Was able to do the first two sets of unbroken, the third set difficult, and had to reset for each lift.
    Pull ups: five max effort. Completed the rest as prescribed.
    Rowing: 15 pools 138 m, 139 m, 138 m.


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