Preparation: Warm-up of your choice…(note movements used and time in your comments)

Focus : Power Clean Ladder to 110# Then 1 round of max repetitions at 110#. Finish with 3 rounds of 5 repetitions at 100#.
Squat: 1 round of 20 repetitions at 100#.
Push Press: 5 repetitions at 75#. 5 repetitions at 85#. 5 repetitions at 100#
Pull-ups: 3 Rounds of 6 Arm Scissors, 2 pull-us.  Rest 60 seconds. Then perform 8-7-6-5-4 pull-ups.

Finish: Every Minute On the Minute for 5 minutes: 11 right hand, 11 left hand kettlebell swings. If you aren’t comfortable with single arm swings aim for 26 two-handed swings each minute.

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  1. stellaguinness said:

    Power cleans went well. Was able to get to 110 pounds. At that point I needed to a stop and really work on form. Did it five max representatives at that weight. At 100 pounds did well with the five reps.
    20 squats at 100 pounds was fine.
    Push press went well at 75 pounds, 85 pounds, and 100 pounds needed to break up reps. Still was able to get in those five reps.
    Pull ups went fine at eight, then six, then seven, five, four.
    Kettle bell swings’s were difficult as the time limit did not allow much rest. Was doing American swings, but will transition to Russian. I’m sure we will see a big difference in weight, and speed.


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