Preparation: 3 Rounds of 10: Arm Scissors, 10: Push-ups, 10: Lunges, and 1 (per leg) 30 second Samson Stretch. 5 minute AMRAP of Turkish Get-up

Storm: For Time: 10 Rounds For Time:
5: Dumbbell Snatch
5: Dumbbell Lunge
5: Dumbbell Thruster
5: Dumbbell Bent Over Row
5: Dumbbell Curls
5: Dumbbell Reverse Lunge

Finish 4 rounds of 45 second Assault Bike sprints, 2: 15-second Samson Stretch per leg.

Skill/Chill: 2 Rounds, 1 minute for each movement: Flutter Kicks, Planks, Hollow Rocks. Rest 1 minute between rounds.

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  1. stellaguinness said:

    Use a 15 pound dumbbell and finished Turkish get ups with 18 total.
    Use a 25 pound dumbbells for the work out. Finished in 27 minutes 20 seconds. Hoping to do better than that, but I’ll take it. May have done an extra round is I lost count.
    Bike sprints were hard today.
    Will finish the core work later as I was pressed for time and had to leave the gym. All sets of the work out we’re done very close together as I was trying to get finished in one hour.


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