Preparation: 3 Rounds of: 10 Arm Scissors, 10 Lunges, 20 Jumping Jacks, 10 Push-ups, 5 Box Jumps.

Focus: Ring Dips: Max reps in 2 minutes.

Storm: For Time 300 Kettlebell Swings (KBS) and Push Press Complex. Perform three rounds as follows 10: Kettlebell Swings (KBS), 1: Push Press, 15: KBS, 2: Push Press, 25: KBS, 3: Push Press, 50: KBS. Use a kettlebell weight that you know you can swing 25-30 times unbroken. Push Press weight is 90 pounds.

Finish: 2 rounds, Assault Bike 1 minute sprint.  1 minute each of: Hollow Rocks,  Plank.

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  1. stellaguinness said:

    Finished the work out and 16:42.
    Did 13 ring dips into minutes. Did that after the work out as people were using the rings when I needed them.
    Bike sprints, hollow rocks, and planks where difficult. Could definitely tell it was the end of the workout. Got through though! Great day!


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