Preparation: Warm-up of your choice…(note movements used and time in your comments)

Focus : Power Clean Ladder to 125# One round max reps at 125#. Then 80#x5 – 95#x5 – 105#x5.
Pull-ups: 3 Rounds of 6 Arm Scissors, 2 pull-us.  Rest 60 seconds. Then perform 8-7-7-6-5 pull-ups.

Storm: For Time 300 Kettlebell Swings (KBS). Perform three rounds as follows 10: Kettlebell Swings (KBS), 15: KBS, 25: KBS,  50: KBS. Use a kettlebell weight that you know you can swing 25-30 times unbroken. Rest no more than 30 seconds between sets and no more than 2 minutes between rounds. Now is the time to increase kettlebell weight if you feel you can move up and maintain good form.

Finish: Row: set the damper on a C2 rower at 4-5. Then perform 3 rounds of 18 hard pulls followed by 1 minute of A. Plank B. Leg Lifts C. Hollow Rock. (Record meters rowed in round 1 and 3)

1 comment
  1. stellaguinness said:

    Was able to do five or six power cleans with 125 pounds. Worked on form.
    Used a 36 pound kettle bell, and finished in 16:33.
    Unfortunately, was able to do sets of five pull-ups at a time. Did as many as I could as my grip was shot.
    Will send pictures of the rowing, planks, hollow rocks, in my leg lifts went well.


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