Preparation: Warm-up of your choice…( include 3 rounds of 10 pike position push-ups. Note movements used and time in your comments.)

Focus : Squat: 115#x3 –  130#x3 – 150# max reps
Front Squat: 5 rounds of 5 reps at 85#.
Push Press: 70#x8 – 80#x7 – 90# max reps.
Pull-ups: Perform 9-8-7-6-5 pull-ups.

Finish: Row: set the damper on a C2 rower at 4-5. Perform a 500 meter row for time. (Or do fifty max effort pulls for time.) Then: 2 rounds of: 10 evil wheels, 10 knees to elbows, 10 GHD sit-ups

1 comment
  1. stellaguinness said:

    Completed six reps at 150 pounds.
    Front squats went well.
    At 90 pounds completed six push press.
    Pull ups went well.
    Was able to do the evil wheels and knees to elbows, but equipment was being used for the rower, and I could not get to the GHD.


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