Preparation: 1 round of: Agile 8

Storm: 4 rounds for time of:
1 minute Assault Bike Max Effort
6: Dumbbell Thrusters
12: Box Jumps
18: Mountain Climbers
24: Air Squats

Skill/Chill: 2 Rounds, 1 minute for each movement: Flutter Kicks, Planks, Hollow Rocks. Rest 1 minute between rounds.


Preparation: 2 Rounds of 20 Jumping Jacks, 4 Push-ups, 8 Lunges.

Storm: With dumbbells (AHAP) perform 5 rounds for time of:
6: Hang Clean
6: Front Squat
6: Push Press
6: Bent Over Row
6: Stiff-leg Deadlift

Finisher: Assault Bike 4 rounds of: Max Effort 1 minute on, 1 minute recovery pedal.


  1. stellaguinness said:

    Used 30 pound dumbbells for thruster. Completed work out in 21:42.
    Planks were hard today, but got through core work. It was awesome!


  2. Cody said:

    Whole workout took about 40 minutes. Did the warm-up in about 2 minutes. Used 20 pound dumbbell throughout. Cleans are getting a little faster. First 2 bike sprints were relatively easier than they have been, but the last 2 were slower, the last being by far the slowest of them. Overall, I feel good about my progress thus far.


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