Preparation: 3 minutes Assault Bike moderate tempo Then: (A.) 1 Round: Agile 8. (B.) 3 rounds of 10 banded over and backs (like a PVC pass through, but using a band instead), 10 banded face pulls (attach band to squat rack and pull band toward face with each hand pulling as far back as each ear) . 2 rounds of: 2 bottoms up kettlebell overhead hold while walking in place. 10 steps with each arm. 5 bottom up kettlebell overhead press per arm. (Use very light kettlebell) (C.) Take no more than 7 minutes to do the following: 10 single KBS with RH then LH. 5 single kettlebell hang cleans with RH then LH. 3 single kettlebell hang clean and jerk with RH and then LH. 10 double KBS, 5 double kettlebell hang cleans, 5 double kettlebell clean and jerk.

Focus: Ring Dips: 5-4-4-3-2
Rest 3 minutes.

Storm : (A.) With a 20 minute time cap perform the following kettlebell complex:
60 hang snatch (30 RH- 30 LH) 35-44 pounds
30 double kettlebell hang cleans at 26-35 pounds
30 kettlebell swings at 44 pounds
10 kettlebell swing at 53 pounds
(B.) 5 rounds of 1 minute C2 rower sprints. Set the rest period between rounds to 1 minute and do 10 frog jumps during the rest period.

Finish: 4 Rounds of: 25 weighted AbMat sit-ups


Preparation: 1 Round of 10 Arm Scissors, 10 Lunges, 10 Squats, 15 Jumping Jacks, 5 Vertical Jumps.

Storm: 21-15-9 (This is not a timed WOD. Go as heavy as possible on the dumbbells. Make sure the push-ups are full range of motion with a hand release at the bottom.)
Dumbbell Hang Clean
Hand Release Push-ups

Finisher: A. 3 Rounds of Assault Bike Sprints for 2 minutes, followed by 60 seconds of rest. B. 6 rounds of Simple Get-ups (SGU)

  1. stellaguinness said:

    Used 15 pound kettle bell for the initial kettle bell work. Took bigger steps while walking in place and I did the day before. I feel like each time we do this it is getting better. I still struggle on the left side, but I know with practice this will also be stronger.
    The ring dips went well.
    Used 26 pound kettle bell for hang snatch. Started with 35 pound kettle bell for the hang cleans, but drops to 26 after about 10. Used 45 pound kettle bell 430 swings, and 53 pound kettle bell for 10 swings. I thin finished in 13:05. I feel like I should have continued to struggle with the 35 pounds for the hang cleans. Next time, I will.
    Rode a total of 1185 m, and a dead frog jumps. That was a fun combination, but definitely will feel that in my legs tomorrow.
    Used 25 pound plate for weighted sit ups.


  2. cnbdolinsekmsncom said:

    The entire workout took 38 min. Warm-up took 6 min. The storm took about


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