Preparation: 3 minutes Assault Bike at a moderate pace. Then: (A) 1 Round: Agile 8. (B) 3 Rounds of 10 banded over and backs (like a PVC pass through, but using a band instead), 10 banded face pulls (attach band to squat rack and pull band toward face with each hand pulling as far back as each ear). 2 rounds of: 2 bottoms up kettlebell overhead hold while walking in place holding knee up at waist for count of 2. 10 lunges with each arm. 5 bottom up kettlebell overhead press per arm. (Use very light kettlebell)

Focus: Snatch Grip Deadlift 160# x 3 – 170#  x 3 – 180 x max reps
Push Press: 90 x 3 – 95# x 3 – 100# x max reps

Storm : AMRAP in 20 minutes:
5: Hang Power Snatch at 55#
7: Double Kettlebell Push Press at 26#
10: Push-up
30 Second Hollow Rock every other round

Finish: 3 rounds of: Set up the C2 rower for three 500 meter intervals with 1 minute recovery row in between intervals. Use one of the rounds to attempt a new 500 meter PR.


Preparation: 1 Round of 30 Jumping Jacks, 10 Burpees, 30 Mountain Climbers, 20 Jumping Lunges.

Storm: 2 Rounds of:
Max Rep Push-ups
10: Dumbbell Curl to Press
50: Air Squats
25: Sit-ups

Finisher: Assault Bike 1 round of: 30 on / :30 off, 1:00 on / :30 off, 45 on / :25 off, 20 on / :20 off, 2:00 on / :45 off, 1:30 0n / :40 off

1 comment
  1. stellaguinness said:

    At 185 pounds, I was able to do five representatives of the snatch grip dead lift.
    At 100 pounds, I was able to do three push press.
    Completed eight rounds, and five of the hang snatch in the ninth.
    A class needed the gym, so I was not able to finish the rowing. Perhaps on Saturday?


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