Preparation: 3 minutes Single Unders. Then: (A) 1 Round: Agile 8. (B) 3 Rounds of 10 banded over and backs, 10 banded face pulls. 2 rounds of: 2 bottoms up kettlebell overhead hold while walking in place for 10 steps holding knee up at waist for count of 2. 10 lunges with each arm. 5 bottom up kettlebell overhead press per arm. (Use very light kettlebell)

Focus: Snatch Grip High Pull: 70# x 5 – 75# x 3 – 85# x Max Reps
Snatch Grip Barbell Muscle-up: 45# x 5 – 50# x 3 – 55# x Max Reps

Storm :  (A.) 5 Rounds For Time:
10: 45# Barbell Overhead Lunge (5 per leg, Medium wide grip.)
10: Ball Slams (Clean and Press the ball overhead. 20-40# Ball)
10: Box Jumps
(B.) EMOM for 8 Minutes
5: AbMat Sit-ups
3: Burpees
10: Hollow Rocks

Finish: 5 rounds of: 10 Evil Wheels


Preparation: 10 minute on Assault Bike at moderate pace (A.) 1 round:  6 Lunges, 9 Jumping Jacks, 12 Reverse Lunges, 15 Side Lunge (AKA Speed Skaters)

Storm: 5 Rounds:
5 Sit-ups
5 Simple Get-ups
5 Dumbbell Push Press
5 Dumbbell Curls

Finish  4 rounds of 25 sit-ups.

  1. cnbdolinsekmsncom said:

    The workout in total took an hour. The warm-up took 13 min. The storm took 23 min, and the four rounds of sit-ups took, yes, nearly 20 min. The last two rounds were pretty hard tonight. But by the gods! I forced myself to finish. I got up once to put my dumbbells away thinking that I would just stop after #16 or #17 of my third round. Then I heard this coach voice in my head saying, “Just finish! Who cares who needs to come in now. Just finish!” I obeyed and did so. Feeling good.


  2. stellaguinness said:

    Used 15 pound kettle bell for warm up.
    At 85 pounds, was able to do five snatch grip Highpulls
    At 55 pounds was able to do five snatch grip muscle up
    Use the 45 pound bar for overhead lunch, 40 pound slam ball. Completed in 14:45.
    For workout be. Completed seven rounds.
    Completed the evil wheels. Man my abs are tired. This is just what I needed today! Thank you!


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