Preparation: 3 minutes of Single Unders. Then: (A) 1 Round: Agile 8. (B) 3 Rounds of 10 banded over and backs, 10 banded face pulls. 2 rounds of: 10 bottom up kettlebell overhead press per arm.

Storm :  (A.) 10 Minute AMRAP of:
10: 65# Power Snatch
5: 26# Double Kettlebell Thruster
(B.) EMOM for 8 Minutes
100 Meter Row
10: Box Jumps at 20-24″

Finish: EMOM for 10 minutes: 4 Toes to Bar (4 Knees to Elbows)


Preparation: 6 minutes walk, jog, run on treadmill. Then: (A) 1 Round: Agile 8. (B.) 2 rounds: 6 Push-ups, 9 Jumping Jacks, 12 Air Squats.

Storm : For Time: 7 Rounds For Time: (Change out dumbbells as needed to go AHAP on each movement.)

5: Dumbbell Bench Press (AHAP)
10: Dumbbell Row (AHAP) (RH & LH)
5: Dumbbell Front Squats (AHAP)

Finish: Assault Bike 2 rounds of: Ascending Assault Bike Sprints of 30 Seconds, 45 Seconds, 1 Minute, and 2 minutes. 10 Sit-ups between each round.

  1. stellaguinness said:

    Used 20 pound kettle bell for warm-up.
    Completed five rounds. For the first workout.
    For the second workout are used a 20 inch box, and was able to do all eight rounds with no time in between. Actually went over the minute a little bit because I had to look at the clock to get my time.


  2. stellaguinness said:

    Did four rounds of 25 sit ups for core work.


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