Preparation: 3 minutes of Single Unders. Then: (A) 1 Round: Agile 8. (B) 3 Rounds of 10 banded over and backs, 10 banded face pulls. 2 rounds of: 10 bottom up kettlebell overhead press per arm.

Focus: Snatch Grip High Pull: 70# x 3 – 75# x 3 – 80# x Max Reps
Snatch Grip Barbell Muscle-up: 50# x 3 – 55# x 3 – 60# x Max Reps

Storm :  (A.) 12 Minute AMRAP:
5: 50# Power Snatch
10: Kettlebell Push-ups (Work hard for depth, keep elbows close in to body, maintain good plank through the entire range of motion.)
15: Kettlebell Deadlift (Use single kettlebell. AHAP, work hard on maintaining solid posture and form)
(B.) EMOM for 8 Minutes
10: Flutter Kicks
10: 45# Barbell Overhead Lunge (5 per leg. Use medium wide grip.)

Finish: 10 Rounds: 5 Evil Wheels, 10 Abmat Sit-ups


Preparation: 6 minutes walk, jog, run on treadmill. Then: (A) 2 rounds: 6 Push-ups, 9 Jumping Jacks, 12 Air Squats.

Storm : For Time: 7 Rounds For Time: (Change out dumbbells as needed to go AHAP on each movement.)

5: Dumbbell Bench Press (AHAP)
10: Dumbbell Row (AHAP) (RH & LH)
5: Dumbbell Front Squats (AHAP)

Finish: Assault Bike 2 rounds of: Ascending Assault Bike Sprints of 30 Seconds, 45 Seconds, 1 Minute, and 2 minutes. 10 Sit-ups between each round.

1 comment
  1. stellaguinness said:

    Used 20 pound kettle bell for warm-up.
    At 80 pounds was able to do six snatch grip hi Pull.
    At 60 pounds was able to do eight snatch grip muscle up
    Completed 34 rounds of the workout using 126 pound kettle bell for dead lift.
    Eight minute EMOM went well. Due to unable to get weights had to use 35 pound bar for the overhead lunch.


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