Preparation: 3 minutes C2 Rower, Moderate Pace. Then: (A) 1 Round: Shin Box. (B) 3 Rounds of 10 banded over and backs, 10 banded face pulls. 2 rounds of: 10 bottom up kettlebell overhead press per arm.

Focus: Take 7 minutes to find 1 RM Power Clean

Storm :  500 Kettlebell Swings for time in 5 rounds as follows (35# Kettlebell):
10 KBS
1 Pull-up
15 KBS
2 Pull-up
25 KBS
3 Pull-up
50 KBS

Finish: 3 rounds For time of: 100 meter row with 15 Evil Wheels between rounds

1 comment
  1. stellaguinness said:

    Use the 25 pound kettle bell for warm-up.
    Completed max rep power clean at 1:25.
    Completed work out in 30 minutes.
    Completed second workout in at 4:01.


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